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OKOZ is our western version of a traditional Japanese dish called OKONOMIYAKI. We have slightly customized it to suit our European taste pallet and gave it a healthy twist.

The basis of OKOZ dishes is a mix of energetic, organic vegetables; gently baked on our teppanyaki, topped with our own OKOZ sauce, decorated with a touch of soy mayonnaise and seasoned with a crumble of Japanese spices.

You can personalize your dish with your choice of proteins or purely vegetarian; it is up to you! We have several toppings that add an extra dimension to this fantastic dish. We are developing gluten-free version, available soon.




Healthy food is one of our company’s cornerstones. We want to prove that fast casual dining (aka a fast bite) can be healthy without compromising on the taste. Back to the origin, back to pure, wholesome food with a touch of comfort. Well & Good.

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We carefully source our organic foods and drinks to offer you a pure, wholesome range. We also focus on sustainability and locally sourced ingredients. We softly change with the seasons and gladly adapt to the current availability to reduce our food’s footprint. Cooking and eating seasonally also keeps our prices affordable for you as a customer.


Fusion, east meets west.

This will always bring creative, adventurous food with exceptional flavors. OKOZ is no exception!

Our OKOZ is a fusion of the European taste palette mixed with the excellent Japanese umami tastes and aromas. The flirting between 2 different cuisines will bring you a unique and entirely new experience!




































small large
Vegetarian OKOZ 6,90€ 10,90€
Vegan OKOZ 7,90€ 11,90€
Bacon OKOZ 7,90€ 11,90€
Cheesy OKOZ 7,90€ 11,90€
Sunny-Side Up OKOZ 8,90€ 12,90€
Bacon & Egg OKOZ 8,90€ 12,90€
Cheesy Bacon OKOZ 8,90€ 12,90€
Chicken OKOZ 8,90€ 12,90€
Chicken & Egg OKOZ 9,90€ 13,90€



Katsuobushi (dried and smoked bonito (tuna) flakes) 1,00€
Tenkasu (crunchy tempura pieces) 1,00€
Negi (scallions) 1,00€
Sriracha (extra hot sauce) 1,00€


Extra: 2 scoops of steamed Haruka rice 2,00€
A bowl of steamed Haruka rice with OKOZ sauce and spices 5,00€
Udon noodles 3,00€



A bowl of steamed Haruka rice with seasonal mushrooms 11,00€
Bowl of steamed Haruka rice with marinated chicken thigh 13,00€



Kids menu (bacon & Eggs, hotcakes, soda) 8,00€
Student menu (big veggie, rice, soda) 12,00€


4th MEAL

Savoury breakfast pancakes with bacon and eggs 6,00€
Japanese cheese wrap with negi and goma 4,00€

Donburi Chicken



Dorayaki: Sweet Japanese
honey pancakes
Inspiration of the day 5,00€



WE soft sparkling cranberry drink 2,50€
WE soft sparkling elderflower drink 2,50€
WE soft sparkling ginger drink  2,50€
WE soft sparkling watermelon drink 2,50€
WE soft sparkling cola drink 2,50€
WE soft sparkling apple drink 2,50€
WE soft sparkling lemonade 2,50€
Dr Martins pure coco juice 3,00€
Evian mineral water 2,00€



Java Espresso 2,00€
Java Lungo 2,50€
Flat White 3,00€
Java Cappuccino medium 3,00€
Java Cappuccino Large 3,50€
Java Latte Macchiato medium 3,50€
Java Latte Macchiato large 4,00€
Caffè Latte medium 3,50€
Caffè Latte large 4,00€
Supplement: Caramel, chocolate, whipped cream 0,50€
Almond or macadamia milk 1,00€






Numi Gunpowder Green Tea
(Full-leaf smooth green tea pearls)
Numi Jasmine Green Tea
(Green tea scented with real jasmine flowers)
Numi White Rose Tea
(White tea & fragrant rose buds – low caf)



Musso cava brut – Macabeo 6,00€
Musso white wine – Chardonnay 5,00€
Musso rosé wine – Grenache 5,00€
Musso red wine – Pinot Noir 5,00€



You can order as of 11:15 until 18:45.
We are exclusively featured on Deliveroo, please click on the image below to be directed to our Deliveroo page to order.


More than 80% of our ingredients are organic

certification number BE-BIO-01













All day delicious healthy food ∙ desserts ∙ bio drinks ∙ wine ∙ coffee corner ∙

Fast-casual is a new and unique style in Belgium. It combines elements of quick-service with casual dining for an experience that is affordable and fast. Our restaurant with open kitchen has a zen atmosphere, simple, minimalist and pure. Leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind you and relax while waiting for your order.

Our primary appeal is that OKOZ is 100% freshly made for you when you order, this means 9 minutes waiting time. No meals have been frozen or been pre-assembled. We make your OKOZ – à la minute – the moment you order!

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While you are sipping one of our Java coffees or Numi teas, feel comfortable to use our free WiFi and charge your devices. Forgot your cable? No stress, ask our personnel about renting or buying cables and chargers.

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“There is no better then this in Belgium . Best of the best !!!”

“Ben er volledig weg van! Aanrader!”

“Zeer vriendelijke ontvangst! We werden goed geïnformeerd over het leuke gezonde concept. Het eten blies ons vervolgens omver met de vele lekkere smaken die groentjes hebben. Zeker aan te raden voor culinaire snobjes zoals ik!”

“Fantastisch team met fantastische gerechten!
Super origineel, bio en lekker natuurlijk..”

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  We came here today for lunch after seeing a Facebook add and we were not disappointed. The staff carefully explained what the food and drinks were about. We loved how they took so much pride in their food. They have two basic 'okoz' which can...More

thumb Ellen_and_Pedro

  I came here with my wife on a Saturday for lunch. Service was a tad slow but they immediately sincerely apologized, explaining that one of the employees had called in sick. We received a clear explanation of the menu but still were pleasantly surprised when...More

thumb Thomas V

  A family friendly healthy ecologically conscious concept- they don’t uses any non-recyclable or compostable materials. The food is excellent. I’m sure they’ll keep growing the menu soon...

thumb diamondtraveller24













































Our food truck is taking a well-deserved break today.

But and there is always a but(t)! You are welcome in our beautiful, fast casual, healthy restaurant.



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